Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

We look forward to helping you with your ceremonial needs at anytime of the year but please remember that at certain times there are busy periods that can slow down the normal delivery times.  Examples are ordering when there is a large order in production for RMC - sometimes we can manage to get your order through in good time but sometimes it can take a little longer.  Ordering for ANZAC Day in the week before has not been (historically) a smart move and generally we will cut - off orders for 'made to measure' items 10 business days before ANZAC Day. If it is in stock we can do it but if it is not we may not be able to get it to you in time.


  • Graduating Classes at RMC
    We have attended RMC to showcase our products to every Graduating Class at RMC since the late 1990's.
    Having made contact with, and become the local agents for, what we believe to be the suppliers of not only the finest quality products but being able to supply them at a reasonable price.
    RMC classes generally commence their ordering cycle in the months of February and August for completion before Graduation in June and December.
  • Supply of Swords to ADF Colleges and Academies
    We have supplied swords to ADF colleges, Academies and for course prizes in the past.
    These have been presented as the Sword of Honour and other prizes to the deserving recipients.
    If you have a requirement for a sword as a prize please get in touch with us.

Upcoming Events

  • Next February
    RMC Class Information and Ordering session
  • Next April
    Orders for ANZAC Day activities - please have your orders in at the start of April to allow for manufacture and assure delivery in time.
  • Next May / June
    Deliveries and finalising RMC Graduating Class