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General Sir Samuel James Browne VC GCB KCSI (3 October 1824 – 14 March 1901) was a British Indian Army cavalry officer in India and Afghanistan, known best as the namesake of the Sam Browne belt.

Browne began his service in India in April 1849 as Second in Command of the 2nd Regiment of Punjab Cavalry, the unit that also later took his name (22nd Sam Browne’s Cavalry). 

On 31 August 1858, at Seerporah, Browne silenced a field gun, single handed, which blocked the advance but during the fighting he received two sword cuts, one on the knee, and the other on the left shoulder which severed his left arm at the shoulder. The dress regulations for British Officers of the 2nd Punjabis required members to wear their waist belts under their tunics. Browne found this ungainly with his left arm missing, and devised an external belt, supported on the left-hand (sword) side by a shoulder strap – now known as the Sam Browne Belt


  • Top quality leather - makes achieving and maintaining a parade ready shine easier.

  • Improved custom made fittings - easy remove buckle (post screw) and quick release buckle.

  • Belt fittings can be either gold plate, brass, or chrome at no additional cost.

  • Shoulder strap - features 'swing stud' developed to ensure a good fit for all body shapes.

  • Custom made to your size in Australia from top quality leather by experienced craftsmen.

  • Sword frogs are also available.

  • A handy storage box.

'Cavalier' belts require less spit polishing as they are quality leather. The fittings finished in gold or chrome require only to be polished by a glass cleaner, and should not be cleaned with an abrasive as found in metal cleaners, as this will remove the plating.
Our belts have a guarantee for workmanship, and we have a money back or replacement policy.
We sell many belts every year to Cadets, Officers and RSM's in the Australian Army, we have supplied over a thousand since 1998.



Colour Information

There are three options, they are:
BROWN/GOLD (Brown leather with gold plated fittings)
BROWN/BRASS (Brown leather with brass fittings), or
BLACK/SILVER (Black leather with silver/chrome fittings) - Aviation/Armoured/Nursing Corps

Sizing Information - For your measurements:

Waist Measurement - Measure your waist were you will be wearing the belt (i.e. top of your uniform (poly) pants). Use the table below to convert this measurement to a belt size - note that size.

Conversion for Belt Sizes
Belt Size = cm

Belt Size


Belt Size


Belt Size


Belt Size



70cm - 72cm


82cm - 85cm


95cm - 97cm


108cm - 110cm


72cm - 75cm


85cm - 87cm


97cm - 100cm


110cm - 113cm


75cm - 77cm


87cm - 90cm


100cm - 102cm


113cm - 115cm


77cm - 80cm


90cm - 92cm


102cm - 105cm


See Note


80cm - 82cm


92cm - 95cm


105cm - 108cm

Note - If you are unsure or your sizing is not on the table please send waist measurement in cm's and we will convert to size for you.

Shoulder Strap Measurement - Take your shoulder measurement from below the centre of your left breast pocket (as in picture) over the right shoulder to the corresponding point at the left rear (get someone to help!). The measurement in centimetres to the nearest even number equates to your strap size - note that size.  We make all straps to even numbers (e.g. 104, 106, 108 etc) and have found in most cases if you drop the measurement to the nearest even number it will be the correct fit (i.e. you measure 107, the best strap will be a 106). If you have the ability to use someone elses belt it may assist with the measuring from the D's (see pic and notes below)

The D's (see picture) sit 1cm above the top of the belt on both front and back. Make an appropriate adjustment (- 2cm) for this if measuring from the top of belt position.
Consider the wearing of the Sam Browne with both Poly's and Service Dress - they will (in most cases) be a differnt measurement - you can use the most commonly worn uniform option as the measurement or you may find a size that can do both. A strap has 5 settings ie a 100cm strap can go down to 96 and up to 104cm.


Ordering Information - Email your size details:
Using the template below (copy and paste to an email) send through your size requirements and we will process the order ASAP. We will be in touch shortly after receiving your order.

Your contact details:
Your order is -
Belt Size:
Strap Size:

For Example

My contact details:  Joe Blow
0444 234 567

My order is -
Belt Size:  8
Strap Size:  110
Frog: Yes

Delivery of the Sam Brownes will be by Australia Post Registered Mail. 
Please allow at least 21 days for manufacturing and delivery within Australia, all belts are custom made to your requirements and size.

Note - In most cases the purchase of a Sam Brownes for military personnel is Tax deductible against UMA.


Remember ceremonial items are a once in career purchase Buy once … buy quality…