Ceremonial Products Pricelist

  Infantry Sword $1275.00 Comes standard with brown leather scabbard
  Artillery Sword $1300.00 Comes standard with brown leather scabbard
  Cavalry Sabre $1450.00 Comes standard with black leather scabbard
  Navy Officers Sword $1425.00 Includes scabbard
  Air Force Officers Sword $1425.00 Includes scabbard
  Midshipmans Dirk $650.00 Includes scabbard
  General Officer Sword - Mameluke Email for Quote  
Scabbard - Nickel plated (slung) $395.00 For Army pattern Swords / Special order - Email
  Sword Bags $88.00
  Cleaning Cloths $12.50  
  Brown Leather Acorn $77.00  
  Black Leather Acorn $77.00  
  Navy Officer $85.00  
  Air Force Officer $85.00  
  General Officer $77.00  
  Sam Brownes $320.00 All versions (colours) same price
  Sword Frogs $110.00 $95.00 if purchased with Sam Browne
  Silver Belt Hooks $16.00 Set of four
  Navy Belts $150.00  
  Air Force Slings $160.00  
Letter Openers      
Infantry $95.00
  Artillery $95.00  
  Navy $95.00  
  Air Force $95.00  

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Remember ceremonial items are a once in career purchase Buy once … buy quality…