Artillery Officers Sword - 1822 Pattern

The Artillery pattern sword for the Australian Army 

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The Artillery Pattern sword with scabbard. Made by WKC Germany according to ADF specification.

The Gunner's sword was introduced into the Royal Artillery in 1788.
The Royal Horse Artillery thought the infantry sword of the day was too heavy so the Light Cavalry pattern sword was preferred.
The 1822 Light Cavalry sword incorporated a three bar hilt which assisted in making the sword even lighter. The sword underwent some more changes in 1850. The blade of the sword is slightly curved.


Blade: Stainless steel, curved, forged, well-tempered, traditional acid etched, hand polished, hardness ca. 48-52 HCR Rockwell. Blade dimensions ca. 825 x 6 x 25 mm.

Guard: Cast brass, hand-polished, nickel-plated guard.

Grip: Skin covered handle, wrapped with silver plated wires.

Scabbard: Standard scabbard - wood body covered with real brown calf leather or optional extra steel tube, a nickel-plated, hand-polished scabbard with 2 rings.

Included Accessories: Protective cloth bag.


About WKC
Since 1883, Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co (WKC) has been manufacturing military swords and cutlery in Solingen, Germany, a city famous since the Middle Ages for its metalworking and craftsmanship in sword making. Today, as the oldest and largest sword manufacturer in Germany, this family owned business is the leading supplier to military schools and services worldwide for ceremonial swords. WKC continue the tradition of handcrafted swords, daggers and uniform accessories according to the specialised skill of artisans using their unique knowledge as passed on from generation to generation – a guarantee of unmatched quality. The attention given by WKC’s uniquely skilled craftsmen ensure that each sword and scabbard is produced according to their rigorous quality standards. Upon the closure of the Wilkinson Sword factory WKC was awarded much of their manufacturing equipment, including their blade roll-forge and various lots of tools and parts for ADF swords amongst several others.
Since 1999 we been a proud partner representing in Australia the world's leading manufacturer of ceremonial swords - WKC. As their sole Australian agent we are able to supply their superior quality military swords and uniform accessories.

WKC is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

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