Royal Australian Navy Officers Sword

Sword pattern for Officers in the Royal Australian Navy 

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The Naval Officers pattern sword with scabbard. Made by WKC Germany according to ADF specification.

The Naval sword carried by all Commissioned Officers has a 32 inch straight blade with a single edge, brass hilt, white grip and lion pommel back piece. The scabbard (included) is of black leather with brass mounts and rings. All brass fittings are 24 carat gold plated.

Blade: A forged stainless steel blade with one groove on each side. It is hardened to ca. 48-52° HRC Rockwell, then well-tempered and hand-polished. Both sides are etched with the Navy design.

Guard: Embossed brass guard with anchor and crown, hand-polished, 24-carat gold-plated.

Grip: Handle is covered genuine ray skin in accordance with specification DEF(AUST) 8927 with 3 gold-plated wires.

Scabbard: Real rawhide leather scabbard, hand-sewn with 24 carat gold-plated brass mountings with 2 attachment rings.

Included Accessories: Protective cloth bag.

Sword: Nato Stock No.: 8465-99-869-0393.
Scabbard: Nato Stock No. : 8465-99-963-1526.


About WKC
Since 1883, Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co (WKC) has been manufacturing military swords and cutlery in Solingen, Germany, a city famous since the Middle Ages for its metalworking and craftsmanship in sword making. Today, as the oldest and largest sword manufacturer in Germany, this family owned business is the leading supplier to military schools and services worldwide for ceremonial swords. WKC continue the tradition of handcrafted swords, daggers and uniform accessories according to the specialised skill of artisans using their unique knowledge as passed on from generation to generation – a guarantee of unmatched quality. The attention given by WKC’s uniquely skilled craftsmen ensure that each sword and scabbard is produced according to their rigorous quality standards. Upon the closure of the Wilkinson Sword factory WKC was awarded much of their manufacturing equipment, including their blade roll-forge and various lots of tools and parts for ADF swords amongst several others.
Since 1999 we been a proud partner representing in Australia the world's leading manufacturer of ceremonial swords - WKC. As their sole Australian agent we are able to supply their superior quality military swords and uniform accessories.

WKC is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

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